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At The Bettership, The Betterfield and Steakville, we wish to deliver our personal rendition of Japanese and Western cuisine, while keeping the freshness and flavours of our food.

"The creamy mentaiko sauce is made in-house, and complemented the seared salmon well, making this an incredibly rich and satisfying dish, especially if you’re in the mood to treat yourself."

Sethlui.com (Lifestyle Blog), 2018

"Steakville sources their beef from specific farms, ensuring that only the best quality beef is chosen. Their Signature Hanger Steak and it was hands down one of the better steaks we have tried. The steak was perfectly charred and incredibly juicy and tender on the inside."

Ladyironchef (Lifestyle Blog), 2018

"The truffle and mentaiko sauce are really rich and flavorful, blending with the freshness of the generous portions of salmon"

Google Review, 2019

"The truffle beef donburi is very nice. Brought my family here, 100% will return for more!"

Burrple Beyond Review, 2020

"Steakville is keeping its menu small to ensure quality and freshness. But frankly, Steakville’s Signature Hanger Steak was the bomb."

MissTamChiak (Lifestyle Blog), 2018